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Upon receiving your inquiry, we must check for potential conflicts of interest before receiving any information that may be considered confidential by either you or the other person(s) for whom there may be a conflict.

Until my office notifies you that there are no conflicts of interest and that we are interested in communicating with you about undertaking your representation, please only send the following information:

  1. The general nature of the matter about which you are contacting us, when and where the incident occurred, and any upcoming court date;
  2. The identity of any other person who is a co-defendant or witness, or victim AKA: "complaining witness";
  3. The identity of ALL potential adverse parties (civil matters).

Furthermore, in order to establish an attorney-client relationship with us, we need a written retainer agreement that defines the scope of the representation and that is signed by both you and our firm.

These procedures are designed to protect your interests as well as the interests of our existing clients. Thank you for your cooperation.


The Law Offices of Mary-Margaret Bierbaum

Phone: 831-462-6099

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 24
Santa Cruz, CA 95063


This web page is not intended to provide legal advice. Please be aware that statutes and the courts' interpretation of them change over time.

An attorney-client relationship cannot be established with Mary-Margaret Bierbaum simply by reading this website; that can be done only by contacting Ms. Bierbaum and by mutually agreeing on such a relationship. You may use email to contact Ms. Bierbaum or her assistants, but do not email any confidential material or information before an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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